Glossary  of Terms

AC Voltage – Commercially generated mains voltage


AC Current – Bi-directional flow of electrical energy due to a voltage potential


Automatic Bypass – Supplies critical load directly from mains in case of fault conditions


Battery – DC voltage storage medium


Battery Autonomy – Length of time UPS can run during mains failure


DC Voltage – Battery voltage


DC Current – Uni-directional flow of electrical energy due to a voltage potential


Hard-wired UPS – Recommended to be installed by suitably qualified engineer, cable connectors for input and output


Input – AC supply into UPS (mains or standby generator)


Inverter – Converts the DC voltage into an AC voltage


Load – Any device which draws current from a power system


Maintenance Bypass – Manually operated switch which allows electrical isolation of the UPS while continuing to supply critical load


Plug and Play UPS – UPS can be installed by customer plug on input, socket for output


Power Factor – Term expressing the ratio of watts to VA


Rectifier – Converts AC voltage into DC voltage to supply power to the inverter and to charge the battery


Synchronise – Bring together in phase


UPS – Uninterruptible power supply


VA Rating – Is the voltage x amps rating


Watts – Is the voltage x amps x power factor of the load

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