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The AP Tower Light meets the most stringent environmental regulations, such as the European Regulations governing liquid retention. The retention tray has a capacity of 120% of the liquid tank and engine liquids.

The engine used fully complies with the Regulation on Emissions of polluting gasses and particles and has a low noise level of 64dB(A) at 7 metres.

The AP Tower Light can easily be operated by one person and incorporates key elements to ensure ease of use and functionality.

An operator can stabilise the tower in any working area, raise and lower the mast by push button, monitor and operate the control panel, plus select and illuminate individual lamps depending on the lighting level required.

The AP Tower Light is designed for ease of use, control and for maintenance via a large rear access door and removable canopy panels.


The AP Tower Light is compact and therefore small in size which enables added mobility, agility and safety during transportation.

The lighting tower is easily transported by being towed using the ball hitch or via trailer using the lifting eye or forklift channels for easier loading.


The AP Lighting Tower comprises a tower kit and a generating set installed in a compact and balanced mobile frame.

The elevation kit is made up of the following components:

  • A hydraulic telescopic mast of 9 sections to give a working height of 9 metres. A 360 degree light beam can be achieved by manual rotation. The mast can be raised to 9 metres in 13 seconds by pressing the upper button and lowered in 25 seconds by pressing the lower button. The up and down movement of the mast is controlled through 12V DC from the battery, this operation is independent from the power auxiliary entry.
  • A spotlight holder (IP65) for 4 1000 Watt metal-halide lamps giving 90,000 lumen each. The lamps are designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -20 to 45 degrees centigrade.

Tower Light features

  • Soundproof generating set powered by the recognised reliable Yanmar 3TNV76 water cooled diesel engine. This engine is efficient and has a very low fuel consumption.
  • Lighting Tower PanelsWaterproof panels for control, protection and management. The protection and control panel includes an M6 controller, hour meter, siren, fuel level gauge, voltmeter, ammeter, thermal magnetic switches for the spotlights, auxiliary sockets and raise/lower push buttons.
  • 2 x Auxiliary power sockets. The tower comes complete with two 16 amp auxiliary sockets to power external equipment.
  • 1 x Supply auxiliary entry (male plug, 2P+E, 230V, 32A) to allow the supply of the spotlights from a mains or alternative generator source. Therefore the lights can be supplied even with the engine stopped.
  • Double safety lock by mast locking and safety position for transport. Guarantees locking of the mast during transportation.
  • Lighting Tower Lock Unlock HandleHandle for lock/unlock of the mast in working position. This handle also allows the orientation of the mast during the lighting job.
  • Liquid retention bund. The 120% bund will retain the engine and fuel tank liquids in the event of a spillage.
  • Easy accessible fuel cap.
  • Emergency Stop Button as standard.
  • Lighting Tower StabilisersFour stabilisers with two adjustable for levelling on uneven ground.

Transportation features

  • Lighting Tower Jockey WheelTransport kit is complete with jockey wheel, draw bar with ball coupling, hand brake, reflectors and electrical connections for brake lights, signalling indicators.
  • Lifting points. Lifting eye and rear forklift channels as standard.


Lighting Tower Dimensions

Mobile lighting tower model HTYW 7 M5
Power (P.R.P) kVA/kW 6.4/6.4
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage V 230
Maximum dimensions (working position) 2.22 x 2.45 x 9.00m
Minimum dimensions (transport mode) 2.22 x 1.26 x 2.20m
Dry weight (unfuelled) 911Kg
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 100L
Tank refiling External
Autonomy 68
Sound level 90db(A) – 65db(A)
Model YANMAR – 3TNV76
Cylinders No 3L
Aspiration Natural
Rated speed 1.500 r.p.m
Cooling system Cooling system
Fuel consumption 2.62 1/hr
Speed governor Mechanical
Pole No 4 Pole 230V 50Hz
Enclosure IP21
Type Hydraulic
Mast sections 9
Erecting/ collapsing time 13sec/ 25sec
Rotation 360 (manual)
Double safety block Standard
Spotlights No 4 x 1000W
Spotlights type Metal halide
Total lumen 4 x 90.000 – 360.000
Soundproof canopy Standard
Liquid retention basin 120% (engine & Tank)
Auxiliary sockets 2 x 16Amp. 230V
Auxiliary input supply socket 1 x 32 Amp. 230V
Lifting eye Standard
Traction kit Standard
Road lights and reflectors Standard
Wheels 2 x 185/70R
Stabilisers 4
Forklifs pockets Standard
Control and protection controller Central manual M6/M6 manual controller
Hour meter Standard
Siren Standard
Fuel level gauge Standard
Voltmeter Standard
Ammeter Standard
Thermal magnetic switches for spotlights Standard
Auxiliary sockets Standard
Tower control push buttons 1x rising + 1 x descending
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