Calculate The kVA Range Required

Load size can be determined by either of these methods:

  1. Measure the load with a current clamp to obtain the full load current (I).
  2. Look at the rating plate on the rear of the equipment and find the current consumption, or ask the manufacturer, add up all load to be supplied.

To ensure the product selected is sufficiently large enough to supply the load use the following calculations:

Single Phase – Multiply volts (V) by the full load current (I) to give you the power (W).

Three Phase – We would recommend you contact us to calculate this power requirement.


NB. Selection of the correct emergency backup power equipment is essential. Not all power products are suitable to supply all load types. To ensure correct selection call us on 0845 868 7345 or email us.


The table below gives indicative power consumptions of common IT equipment:

PC & Workstations
Home PC 104
Desktop PC 100
Minitower PC 121
Workstation PC 201
Unix Workstation Desktop 234
Unix Workstation Tower 586
Colour Laser Printer 446
Impact Printer 74
Inkjet Printer 23
Multifunction Printer 37
Office Laser Printer 221
Network Colour Laser Printer 1005
Scanner A4 47
Scanner A3 100
14-15″ CRT 60
14-15″ LCD Flat panel 37
16-17″ CRT 60
16-21″ LCD Flat panel 72
18-19″ CRT 107
20-21″ CRT 161
22-24″ LCD Flat panel 100
30-36″ CRT 234
Unix Host 281
PC Server 281
Appliance Server 74
Network PC Server 570
Network Unix Host 570
Enterprise PC Server 737
Enterprise Unix Host 737
Small PC Server 214
Telco Server 335
Supercomputers 1675
Remote Access Server 214
Router 147
Hub 37
100 lines PBX 300
Fax 100
Switch 37
Wan switch 295
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